Building Project Update – July 2016


Update on the St. Charles Community Schools bond project:
* Completion set for the end of August
* Drainage at the athletic field is complete and will be tested this
fall during the rainy season.
* Tile work in the entrance is currently being installed.

* Trophy cases are close to completion.

Concession Stand

* Waiting for the cement in gym to dry to meet wood flooring
warranty specs; it was poured on May 2nd and humidifiers are
running (thank you Mother Nature)
* Community room is painted and flooring to be installed shortly
* Music casework to be installed in August
* Stage curtain to be installed in early September
* 1:1 technology has arrived for students for fall
* Privacy fencing is installed for bus parking
* Parking lot surfacing, lining and expansion to be completed by
August 10th
* Waiting on State of Michigan approval of E-rate funds for
Wifi upgrade, tech switches, security cameras, and new
* Two buses on order
As we approach final completion for the beginning of school, we will notify community as to the date of the Open House for the bond project.