Sunshine Learning Center

“Serving the St. Charles Community Since 1987!”

Contact Information

Renee Thornton – Directorsunshine learning

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  • Phone: 989-865-9210

Terri Goidosik – Assistant

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  • Phone: 989-865-9210

Program Philosophy

We believe that all children deserve to be recognized as unique individuals who each have gifts and talents and that they learn in a variety of ways. Young children need an early childhood program that provides a safe and nurturing environment that promotes their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Respecting the needs of each family, we aim to work together with parents to lead the child to a wholesome self-esteem and a desire to wonder and question the world around him/her.

Program Description

Our program consists of a variety of educational approaches to best meet the needs of each child. Large group activities, individual exploration and small groups provide opportunities for the child to interact with other children, with caring adults, and to have individual time.

The preschool recognizes that learning is developmental and that the young child learns about him/herself and the world through the senses. Many sensory activities enhance learning and curiosity and awaken individual interests:

LANGUAGE: speaking, vocabulary, pre-reading skills, literature, poetry, stories, creative thinking, introduction to alphabet and letter sounds.

MATH: sorting, classifying, patterns, number recognition, counting, comparing, geometric shapes, problem solving, logical thinking.

SOCIAL STUDIES: family, uniqueness of the individual, our community, health and safety, feelings, five senses.

PERCEPTUAL AND SENSORY EXPERIENCES: listening skills, auditory memory, textures, visual discrimination, spatial differences.

SCIENCE: plants, seeds, birds and animals, water and air, sound, foods and nutrition.

MUSIC: singing, instruments, rhythm, listening, music activities.

ART: finger paint, brush paint, chalk, clay and playdoh, cutting, pasting, crayons and markers, creative projects.

CREATIVE DRAMATICS: role playing, dress-up clothes, puppetry.


GROSS MOTOR DEVELOPMENT: exercise, climbing, running, jumping, group games.