Skyward Information

How to Log into Skyward

Skyward Information System

Skyward Information System allows you to view all aspects of your students education both current and historically.  You are able to read the daily announcements and homework for your student(s).  If you would like, you can set up email notifications for you to receive progress reports, attendance notifications and grading notifications on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  If you have an address change or change of information whether it is phone number or emergency contacts you are able to request changes to be made in the student information tab and you are able to contact us regarding attendance or student information.  You can also find a calendar with school days off, marking period information and your students assignments with grade as it is posted by the teachers.

Parent/Guardian login information

Login- First 5 letters of last name, First 3 letters of firs name, 000.  For example using Elizabeth Gorney,  gorneeli000 (no commas or spaces).

Password - 123456


Student login information

Login - lastname, firstname, student ID# (no commas or spaces)

Password - StudentID#

If there is someone else who has a similar name, has that login, the number 000 will change to 001. You can call your student's office to be sure to get the correct login.

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