St. Charles Virtual School

St. Charles Virtual School

Important Events:

Communication Wednesdays (every Wednesday)

Count Day 10/5/22 (fall)

1st Semester End 12/21/22

Count Day 2/8/23 (spring)

2nd Semester End 6/2/23


(989) 865-2415

Heather Selich, Principal

Mary Jo Skiendziel, Secretary

Jane Jordan, Counselor

Marcie Kushion, Enrollment

Welcome to St. Charles Community Schools Virtual School Program

Resources and Orientation Videos

STC Virtual School Platform

Grades Y5-2 

Peak Fuel Education

Student Orientation


   PeakFuelEducation - Video

Calvert Education - Video

STC Virtual School Platform

Grades 3-5

Odysseyware Academy

Student Orientation

Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

STC Virtual School Platform

Grades 6-12


Student Orientation

Edgenuity Video

Transfer to Virtual Form for Current STC Students

Education is becoming more selective and individualized everyday.  Each and every student has unique characteristics that give them the ability and opportunity to learn in their own way and sometimes, at their own pace. As educators, we have the responsibility to provide ways for students to reach their full potential.

Online learning through St. Charles Virtual School has given families, many of them home-school students an opportunity to receive their education at home, at their own pace, but with the accountability of a local school district.  We believe this is now the time to expand our non-traditional academic programs outside of just what traditionally has been offered at St. Charles Community Schools.

St. Charles Virtual School is designed to explore learning in new and innovative ways, providing opportunities for students and their families to benefit from learning in a non-traditional way.  Enrolling through St. Charles Community Schools allows for students to benefit from classes offered through online learning as well as traditional resource classes to enrich the learning already taking place.

St. Charles Virtual Online Enrollment Form - New to St. Charles Community Schools

St. Charles Virtual Enrollment Forms   (Print and fill out) 

Please click on the above link to print out or download an enrollment application.  Upon completing all pages of the application, please make sure to gather the following documents to send with the application:

  1. Copy of Official Birth Certificate

  2. Copy of Immunization Records

  3. Two (2) Proof of Residency Documents

There are several ways that you may return your application to us for enrollment: 

 For more information contact St. Charles Virtual School Coordinator, Heather Selich at or call 989-865-2415 or 989-865-9991.