HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL Virtual Student...

You are able to access Edgenuity from the school’s homepage, it will be under the Quicklinks: click on Edgenuity. You will start off with an orientation video (if this is your first time with Edgenuity), then you are able to begin your course(s). I suggest you take notes and use them on the quizzes/tests. They count towards your course grade, therefore do your very best. If a project or assignment can not be done from home due to a lack of supplies, please let us know so we can make arrangements. 

**Student Requirements to secure Virtual Student Status:

Each virtual student is responsible for the tasks below. Failure to complete these steps will result in absences, truancy, and possible discharge from the program. All of the requirements listed below are setting the student up for success in our program. Your progress will be checked WEEKLY. If you are not on track (IN THE BLUE), emails and phone calls will be placed to your guardians. 

  • Work in EACH assigned class for 45 minutes or more, EACH DAY.

  • Check your student email account 2-3 times a DAY for important information. Respond to emails accordingly. Email us anytime!! We are here to help and WANT to hear from you!

  • Have a GUARDIAN call 989-865-2415 (option #2 to speak with Mrs. Skiendziel), or email us when you need to be absent. 

  • Students MUST email EVERY SINGLE WEDNESDAY. The email can look something like this:

Hi Mrs. Selich, 

This is (state your first and last name). I have been working in my (name class). I am learning about (state what you are currently learning about). I do not need any help at this time (or if you need help or have questions be sure to ask or state that in your email).